The New Standard for Scope Rings & Bases

As every serious hunter or shooter knows, scope mounts are the critical link between a firearm and its optics – and sacrificing quality here can virtually destroy a rifle’s potential for accuracy. Yet, many shooters have made that unfortunate sacrifice because they thought the cost of quality rings and bases was just too high. Not any more. Now there is DuraSight™.
DuraSight™ Scope Mounting Systems are setting the new standard for PERFORMANCE and VALUE. DuraSight has combined innovative design and super strong materials to give you the best value in rings and bases on the market today – making tack-driving accuracy available to everyone.
DuraSight™ Mounting Systems will give every one of your guns and scopes the LINK of STRENGTH and the ACCURACY CONNECTION you expect. We’re so confident of DuraSight’s quality and reliability that they are:


All DuraSight products are manufactured in the USA using a proprietary Z2 Alloy material that is 50% stronger than the aluminum used in conventional economy mounting systems. Our Z2 Alloy mounts provide features available on very high-end steel rings and bases. We’re so confident in the durability of our scope mounts that they are Guaranteed for Life!


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